NAK Traders systems give an efficient power solution established by expert consultants from energy, marketing fields, and management. Motivated by the desire for green energy, the organizers combined their potency and come together to become a prominent provider of inexpensive, creative and great quality renewable power solution in the whole of Pakistan. What are solar panels? Solar panel electricity systems are also referred to as solar photo voltaics (PV), they grab hold of the sun’s energy by using photovoltaic cells. These cells do not require undeviating sunlight to function – they are still capable of generating electricity on a cloudy day. The sunlight is being converted to electricity by the cells, which can be made use of to power household appliances and lighting.

The Advantages of Solar Electricity

  • Reduce your power bills. Sunlight is free, immediately payment has been made for initial installations your electricity bill will be decreased.
  • You will be paid for the electricity you produce. The UK government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme pays you for the electricity you create, regardless of the possibility that you utilize it.
  • Sell electricity back to the network. In the event that your system is delivering more electricity than you require, you can offer the excess back to the grid via the Feed-in Tariff scheme. Costs, reserve funds and financial support for a solar panel.

Maintenance of Solar PV

Solar PV requires little maintenance – you’ll simply need to keep the panels moderately clean and ensure trees don’t start to reduce them. In the UK, panels that are tilted at least 15° or more have the extra advantage of being washed by rainfall to guarantee ideal execution. Rubble will probably gather if you have ground fixed panels.

Once the solar panel is fixed, your installer must put written details about maintenance checks you must perform as at when due in order to guarantee that everything is working appropriately. The written details will include the list of the main inverter fault signs and major trouble- shooting direction. In a perfect world, your installer ought to show this to you at the when the installation is done. Keep a close eye on your panel and the quantity of power it is producing (with climatic conditions), this will let you know what to expect and alert you whenever something goes wrong.

Mobile Solar Panels for Remote Areas