Our organization recognized for manufacturing and supplying accurate engineered industrial MCC panels. These custom- made MCC Panels have been greatly sought for among customers for possessing matchless and superior quality, magnificent effectiveness and durability. They are perfectly designed and they are generally known for easy operation and little maintenance. They possess the ability to sustain bigger loads and are made according to customer’s specification.

The MCC panels are typical to the international standards and are obtainable with various power stabs that assist in supporting high capacity industrial motors.

We can give a number of vertical areas of motor control centers in various amps with key and lug partitions. We give controllers manual or programmed method for starting or stopping the motor, choosing forward or reverse rotation, choosing and controlling the speed, controlling or constraining the torque and guarding against overloads or faults. We can create motor controllers that will have various components and complexities which depend upon the task that the motor will be carrying out.