NAK Traders automation is the prominent industrial automation that is known for providing services in the Middle East area and deals with an extensive range of applications and procedures that include Oil and Gas, Utilities, and Manufacturing.

We provide incorporated PLC/SCADA based solutions and DCS based solutions for distinct, collection, and uninterrupted processes. We stand out among the others by rendering well- designed solutions with a direct focus on the application software development and testing.

Our Specialty

Swift, integrated signal I/O

  • Integrated machine vision as well as multi-hub movement control
  • Deep memory for information logging
  • Calibrated estimation traceable to third party standards
  • Custom real-time data analysis
  • Custom control logic
  • Full network awareness, including the capacity to oversee multiple concurrent network communication protocols, the capacity to dispense data over networks, and the strength for remote checking and control over wired and wireless networks; and
  • The adaptability to rapidly adjust the system to fit changing needs and new innovations as they emerge
  • Remote systems
  • Data checking
  • High-Speed RPM Monitoring
  • Data Logging